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  • 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center
  • 5 Axis Vertical Machining Center

Deed CNC Machine VMC 5 Axis Machine

5 axis CNC vertical machining center is a high-end 5-axis linkage machine tool that developed after taking in the German advanced technology. VMC 5 axis machine features high efficiency, high accuracy, high flexibility. 5 axis vertical machining center can continuously finish drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, and contour rough, precise machining that meets the demands of large, small box parts and many types of flexible high efficient processing of the space surface. This five axis machining center can be widely used in aerospace, military, shipbuilding, automobile, power generation equipment. We also provide 5 axis gantry cnc for sale. Contact us for more information!

5 axis VMC vertical machining center video

5 axis VMC vertical machining center video


V650-5/V900-5/V1300-5 VMC 5 Axis Machine VB63F5 VMC 5 Axis Machine



X-axis travelmm800working desk sizemmΦ660
Y-axis travelmm800+400Workbench loadkg800
Z-axis travelmm600Spindle speedmm18000
An axismm/min±135°X/Y/Z rapid traverse speedmm/min60/60/55
C axismm/minContinuous 360A/C fast traverse speedrpm60/60

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VMC 5 Axis Machine Center ItemValueParameter
Processing rangeX-Axis Travelmm800
Y-Axis Travelmm800
Z-Axis Travelmm600
Continuous 360°
WorktableTable sizemmΦ660
Table rotates diametermmΦ900
Load capacitykg800
Feed rateX/Y/Z-Axis Rapid Traversem/min60/60/40
A/C-Axis rotate speedrpm60
Motorized SpindleSpindle taper
Max. rotate speedr/min18000
AccuracyX/Y/Z-Axis Positioning Accuracymm0.008(Full Travel)
X/Y/Z-Axis Repeating Speedmm0.004(Full Travel)
A/C-Axis Repeating Speed
Tool MagazineType
Chain Type
Tool Capacity
Max.Tool DiametermmΦ75/Φ120/ 270
(With adjacent tool/without adjacent tool/length)
Max.Tool Weightkg6
OtherAir pressureMPa0.65
Power capacityKVA100
Overall size(L×W×H)mm6200×2500×3650

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VMC 5 Axis Machine Center Benefits

1. Increased Efficiency: VMC 5 Axis Machine Centers can perform multiple operations in a single setup, which reduces the time required for machining and increases the overall efficiency of the process.

2. Greater Precision: The ability to perform multiple machining operations in a single setup provides greater precision as there are fewer chances of errors that may occur while repositioning the workpiece.

3. Enhanced Flexibility: VMC 5 axis machine provides greater flexibility in terms of machining complex shapes and geometries, allowing for more complex parts to be produced with greater ease.

4. Reduced Production Time: The ability to perform precise machining on a single setup, results in less time spent on setups and reduces the idle time between setups, which in turn reduces the overall production time.

5. Improved Surface Finish: 5 axis vertical machining center provides improved surface finish due to their ability to machine part features from multiple angles.

6. Lower Tooling Costs: The 5 axis vertical machining center requires fewer tooling changes and setups thus reducing downtime and tooling costs.

7. Reduced Scrap and Rework: The VMC 5 Axis Machine Centers are able to produce parts that meet tight tolerances which reduce scrap and the need for rework.

8. Increased Production Volume: VMC 5 Axis Machine Centers can produce high volumes of parts quickly and accurately, making them ideal for high-volume manufacturing processes. 

9. Cost Savings: With reduced production time, increased efficiency, and lower tooling costs, VMC 5 Axis Machine Centers can provide cost savings in the long run. 

10. Competitive Advantage: VMC 5 Axis Machine Centers provide manufacturers with a competitive advantage by producing complex parts with high precision in a shorter amount of time. This allows companies to produce products at a lower cost while still maintaining high-quality standards.

VMC 5 axis machine for aerospace, automotive and die-making applications

The DEED CNC VMC 5-Axis Machine is a technological marvel, purpose-built to cater to the rigorous demands of aerospace, automotive, and die-making industries. Its versatility and precision make it a cornerstone of excellence in these fields.

Aerospace Applications: In the aerospace sector, where precision is paramount, the DEED CNC VMC 5-Axis Machine soars. It crafts lightweight components with intricate geometries, essential for aircraft performance. Its ability to handle advanced materials like composites and superalloys empowers aerospace manufacturers to push the boundaries of innovation for aerospace parts cnc machining.

Automotive Excellence: The automotive industry relies on the DEED CNC VMC 5-Axis Machine to craft critical engine components and structural parts. It's the driving force behind lightweight designs, intricate shapes, and efficient toolpath strategies. Its adaptability to a wide range of materials, including lightweight alloys and composites, helps manufacturers create vehicles that are not just fuel-efficient but also exceptionally safe.

Die Making Precision: In the realm of tool and die making, the DEED CNC VMC 5-Axis Machine is a game-changer. Its micron-level accuracy, rapid prototyping capabilities, and extended tool life significantly enhance the efficiency of die manufacturing. It's the tool of choice for creating complex geometries and achieving superior surface finishes, ultimately translating to top-tier quality in tooling and dies.

Across these industries, the DEED CNC VMC 5-Axis Machine stands as a symbol of precision, innovation, and excellence, enabling manufacturers to reach new heights in engineering and manufacturing excellence.

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