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  • 5 Axis Gantry Machining Center
  • 5 Axis Gantry Machining Center

5 Axis Gantry Machining Center

600*600mm large cross-section ram of 5 axis gantry cnc machine to ensure that even when the ram is overhung, the gantry 5 axis cnc machine maintains strong cutting rigidity. X/Y axes are each equipped with 4 roller-type linear guides, equipped with a high precision grating feedback system, with greater dynamic and static loading capacity and stronger motion vibration resistance.

The design of our 5 axis cnc mill for sale is that the fixed parts are made from mineral casting and the traveling parts are made of high strength alloy steel which makes our 5 axis gantry cnc machines have excellent precise retention,  fast responsibility, and rapid traveling speed.


RY-GB 5-AXIS Gantry 5 Axis CNC Machine
Table Size(Width×Length)3500mm´9000mm
Distance between two column5000mm
T-slot width36mm
T-slot distance250 mm
Load capacity5000kg/m²
Beam moving(X-Axis)
X-Axis travel8500mm
Feed rate10~20000mm/min
Rapid traverse28000mm/min
Cross movement of saddle(Y-Axis)
Y-Axis travel4000mm
Feed rate10~20000mm/min
Rapid traverse28000mm/min
Spindle box(Z-Axis)
Z-Axis Travel1500mm
Feed rate10~15000mm/min
Rapid traverse20000mm/min
Spindle box section600mm×600mm
C-Axis Rotation Speed12rpm
C-Axis Rotation Angle±185°
Milling head
B-Axis swing head
Motorized spindle motor power56Kw
Motorized spindle max. speed12000rpm
Motorized spindle max. torque89Nm
B-Axis rotation speed6rpm
B-Axis rotation angle-110°/+5°
Taper typeHSKA63
Vertical milling head
Max. rotate speed6000rpm
Max. torque1830Nm
Right-angle Milling Head
Max. rotate speed4000rpm
Max. torque1830Nm
Tool Magazine
Tool Capacity60T
Taper TypeHSK-A100 20T, HSK-A63 40T

5 axis gantry machining center video

5 axis gantry machining center video
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