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Aerospace CNC Machining

DEED Precision uses advanced technology and the best engineering solutions to provide the most accurate parts for aerospace-with fewer changes and the lowest possible cost.

Aerospace CNC Machining

Focusing on the market, it covers aerospace and its components, including aircraft structural components, turbomachinery components and related (by process and/or material) products.

CNC Aerospace Machining

CNC machining aerospace parts manufacturing

DEED Precision's machines have a wide range of sizes, flexibility and adaptability, which are very suitable for the manufacture of aircraft structural components. Available machine platforms can contain three, four, five axes, with a working area and stroke of up to 20 meters-which can accommodate the largest structural components.

--The spindle speed and torque can be customized for processing specific materials

--Provide industry-leading performance for processing aircraft structural components.

--Almost all machines can be integrated into the automation system.

Aircraft engine manufacturing

With numerous grinder, EDM and milling machine options, DEED machines are ideal for the manufacture of aircraft engines and other turbomachinery parts.

CNC Machining Aerospace

Grinding Machines for aerospace cnc machining

In addition to traditional milling machines, DEED also offers flexible grinding centers that can provide grinding capabilities on a multi-axis machining center platform. This allows traditional milling and drilling to be performed on the same machine. It also enables cnc machining aerospace parts to be machined with the fewest set-ups, resulting in the smallest tolerance stack-up and the greatest accuracy.

Grinding Machines Of Aerospace CNC Machining

Milling Machine for aerospace cnc machining

Various sizes and spindle characteristics can be customized. Three-axis, four-axis, and five-axis working areas and strokes can handle most engine parts, and can match the platform with the cnc machining aerospace parts being processed according to size, feature geometry and material. The combination of high-performance motion control and high-performance axis features can create very precise multi-axis motions, while contouring, moving features to features, or at the same time. This ability is particularly beneficial in shaping the contour of the surface of the cnc machining aerospace parts. The spindle speed and torque can be selected and optimized for the specific materials involved.

Milling Machine Of Aerospace CNC Machining

Structural Parts Manufacturing for aerospace cnc machining

  • aluminum

  • Hard metal

  • Turbomachinery parts manufacturing

  • Milling

  • Grind

Structural Parts Manufacturing Of Aerospace CNC Machining

Related parts manufacturing for aerospace cnc machining

  • Parts and electronic products of similar materials and geometries

  • semiconductor

  • other