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Shandong Deed Precision Machine Tool., Ltd. is located in Yanzhou District, Jining City, Shandong Province, with a registered capital of 220 million yuan CNY, covering an area of 140,000㎡ and employing more than 400 people, and is a director unit of China Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association and a key enterprise of high-end equipment manufacturing in Shandong Province. The company is committed to the research and development, manufacturing, and CNC machining center for sale, including high-speed vertical machining centers, large gantry machining centers, high-precision five-axis machining centers, etc., which are widely used in aerospace, military ships, automotive, engineering machinery, 5G communication, CNC die making, and other industries. The company vigorously implements the strategy of "going out and coming in", and has reached comprehensive strategic cooperation with Rottler, a famous German CNC machine tool manufacturer, to jointly develop world-leading high-grade precision machine tools and explore the global market together, and has set up a subsidiary company in Germany, "Hipreed Technology Co. "Ltd. in Germany, established a high-end machine tool R&D center and training base, and fully implemented international operation, realizing the synchronous development of German technology and Sino-German manufacturing.  

Through independent innovation and cooperation with Germany, the company has deeply digested and absorbed the German high-end machine tool design concept, construction technology, and manufacturing process of key components and machines, greatly improved the comprehensive technical level of gantry 5 axis cnc machine, and rapidly expanded the market influence.

The company has been awarded as "National High-tech Enterprise", "National Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise", "Excellent Enterprise in Equipment Manufacturing Industry of Shandong Province", "High-end Brand Cultivation Enterprise of Shandong Province", "Excellent Private Enterprise of Jining City", etc. It has four provincial-level scientific research platforms, and its products have been awarded "Top Ten Product Quality" in China Machine Tool Industry, "China Machine Tool Industry Award - Chunyan Award", "Second Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award" and "First Prize of Shandong Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award", etc.

With the successful transformation and upgrading of the company's machine tool industry, the competitiveness of the products has been increasing, and now it has been in direct competition with Taiwan and South Korea imported machine tool brands in the domestic and international markets, and sales orders continue to grow, and the downstream user groups gradually change from private enterprises to large central enterprises, state-owned enterprises and military enterprises. The company has established long-term close cooperation with Shanghai Aerospace, China Shipbuilding Group, China Arms, China Railway Construction, Dongfeng Motor, Shanghai General Motors, Foton Lever, Changchun FAW, Liuzhou Wuling, and other enterprises, and exported to Germany, Belarus, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Sweden, Spain, India and other 15 countries, the industry influence and market internationalization continues to expand.

In the future, the Deed CNC company will focus on the development requirements of "Made in China 2025" and "Shandong Province New Old Dynamic Energy Conversion Major Project Strategy", comprehensively using new materials, new technologies, new techniques, new ideas, and new models, and vigorously implement the The "five" construction development strategy: "product serialization, design modularization, manufacturing intelligence, management informationization, and market internationalization", accelerate the conversion of old and new dynamic energy and transformation and upgrading, accelerate the industrialization of CNC machine tools of Tidewater Precision Machinery, and strive to build Tidewater Precision Machinery into China's most outstanding machine tool enterprise, so that China's machine tools win the world's respect!



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Manufacturing Processes of CNC Working Center

  • 01
    Customer demand analysis
  • 02
    Machine tool selection
  • 03
    Line plan, processing plan customization
  • 04
    Plan optimization (economical)
  • 05
    Industrial route planning
  • 06
    Machine tool manufacturing process report
  • 07
    Product delivery, guidance service
  • 08
    Machine tool regular maintenance
  • 09
    Fault repair and maintenance