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  • gv machining center

Deed CNC Machine GV-series Vertical Machining Center

This machine is a gantry type vertical machining center, the bed is fixed to the cross beam, and the slider is running left and right on X-axis direction on the cross beam, worktable and workpieces will move back and forth on Y-axis direction only. It can be mainly used for very high precision molds making.

GV-series Vertical Machining Center Advantages

  • Adopting portal structure, most of the feed motion is concentrated on the non-load parts, it can help reduce motion inertia and ensure machining quality;

  • Adopting portal structure, large span support form can help guarantee the contact rigidity and mechanical rigidity of the base parts;

  • Adopting portal structure, the distance from the center of gravity of the spindle box to the cross beam can be greatly reduced, and the machining rigidity of spindle can be guaranteed;

  • Equipped with 15,000rpm high-speed direct type spindle with 18,000rpm, 20,000rpm and 24,000rpm electric spindles as options, it can help improve machining efficiency as well as get better surface quality

GV-series Vertical Machining Center Specification

Travel (X×Y×Zmm)850×500×500
Table Size (mm)950×500

Travel (X×Y×Zmm)1100×600×600
Table Size (mm)1200×600

Travel (X×Y×Zmm)1300×700×600
Table Size (mm)1400×700

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