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CNC Die Making Machines

Choose Faster throughput, finer surface treatment, and lower cost cnc die making machine from Deed CNC.

Faster speeds. Advanced completion for CNC machine for mold making

Defect-free parts are essential in mold processing. Our die making CNC machines can provide excellent precision and surface finish for micro-molding of automotive, medical, packaging, household consumer products, and electronic components.

The CNC mould and die making machine is specially designed to meet the requirements of speed, reliability, modification accuracy, and surface finish, with first-class performance.

CNC Machine for Die Making that meet various needs

Our CNC die making machine product portfolio is suitable for a variety of mold-making applications, from 3x to 5x vertical and horizontal machining centers EDM wire and sinker machines. Our mold application team will help you find the right solution for your store.

Challenges and needs of CNC machine for die making

Mold manufacturing is characterized by long cycle time and single-piece application of high-value workpieces. The process requires maximum thermal stability to ensure shape accuracy and seamless mixing while running at an optimal speed.

Through our engineering and automation services, our cnc machining center factory strive to achieve unattended operation and shorten cycle time. This means creating a predictable and stable process, capturing unattended machining time, eliminating the need for multiple setups, manual processing, and moving parts between die making cnc machines. In addition, our excellent surface treatment eliminates time-consuming manual polishing steps. In short, you can get flawless parts in less time.

In order to control quality and performance of CNC die making, we design and manufacture our own spindles, and process and assemble our structures internally. This allows us to provide molds/mold cnc industrial machine with the following characteristics:

  • Thermally stable platform

  • The spindle is designed for continuous use at maximum RPM

  • Rigid cnc mould and die making machine structure for best dynamic accuracy