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Our VMC milling machine types mainly include VMC and VL two series, VMC series include VMC50B VMC milling machine, VMC50C VMC milling machine, VMC60B VMC milling machine, VMC60C VMC milling machine, VMC70B VMC milling machine, VMC70C VMC milling machine.

The structure of China CNC vertical machining centers is the cross-slide table. It has a large span of the 3-axe linear guideway which is high steady, high rigidity.

The 3-axes full travel is supported by the roller guideway.

The tool magazine is vertically installed on the side of the column which reduces the amount of the overhang of the tool arm which guarantees the rigidity of the tool magazine bracket and the stability of changing tools for a long time.

As a professional vmc machine manufacturing company, the design of our types of VMC machine is that the fixed parts are made from mineral casting and the traveling parts are made of high-strength alloy steel which makes our machining centers have excellent precise retention, fast responsibility, and rapid traveling speed.


China Vertical Machining Center Manufacturer

As one of the most professional China vertical machining center manufacturers, our team of highly skilled engineers and technicians is dedicated to designing and manufacturing reliable and high-performance China vertical machining center that meet the needs of our clients in various industries. We specialize in crafting advanced types of VMC machine that is efficient, precise, and configurable to suit different types of workloads. Our goal is to deliver the best possible China CNC vertical machining center solutions to our customers, whether they require standard or customized equipment. We are committed to delivering quality, innovative types of VMC machine technologies that help businesses increase productivity and reduce costs. Inquiry cnc vmc for sale.

DEED Types of VMC Machine-Advantages

To make sure the highest precision, stability, and precision preservation of each machine, we take in new casting material UHPC and build our casting workshop. For the current manufacture of the company, all types of VMC machine bases and columns are cast by UHPC strictly according to German casting standards. 

  • Better Vibration Absorption

The vibration absorption of UHPC mineral casting is 10 times better than iron casting. Under a large dynamic load, the stability of types of VMC machine precision can be guaranteed, while the surface finish quality of the workpiece can also be improved by 20%.

  • Excellent Thermal Stability

The thermal conductivity of UHPC mineral casting is 1/20 of that of iron casting, the specific heat capacity is 2.1 times that of iron casting. Excellent thermal stability and thermal inertia can effectively control any kind of China CNC vertical machining centers deformation caused by temperature change, the stability of machine precision is further guaranteed.

  • High Rigidity

The moving parts are welded by high-strength low-alloy steel, the material elasticity modulus is around 1.4 times that of iron casting so that overall rigidity can be improved by more than 30%.

  • Lighter Weight

Compared to iron casting, the lighter-weight structure can reduce unit weight by 20%-30%, effectively reduce the inertia of moving parts and increase the dynamic response by 10-20%.

Standard tool magazine is configured with 24Tools(30Tools Optional)can increase tool selection the range, realize fast auto tool change, and further shorten the stand-by time when no cutting.

  • Auto-lubrication System

The types of VMC machines are equipped with an auto-lubrication system that can auto lubricate the Linear Guide Rail, Block, Ball Screw, and Spindle at set time and volume, leaving no dead ends. The CNC machining equipment's dynamic processing accuracy and stability are guaranteed.

  • Conditioner

The electrical cabinet has an air conditioner, which keeps a constant temperature that guarantees dynamic processing accuracy.

VMC-SERIES VS. VL-SERIES China CNC Vertical Machining Center

VMC-SERIES VS. VL-SERIES  China CNC Vertical Machining Center

The VMC and VL are mainly different in the below 4 points: 

1. Machine appearance: a. VMC-VMC vertical machining center has full cover b. VMC has a handle;

2. Structure and Casting: a. VMC has a large span of the guideway of two sides b. VMC has thicker and heavier casting;

3. Standard configuration;

4. Components supplier.

China CNC Vertical Machining Center COMPONENTS

The following is the list of China vertical machining center parts.

Standard ConfigurationOptions
FANUC 0i-MFChain type conveyor and cart
Auto lubrication systemTwo side-chain type back chip conveyor
Air source filtration systemSpindle temperature control system
Spindle taper air blowCTS(coolant through spindle)
Spindle air curtain protectionElectrical cabinet door opening detection
Workpiece cooling system4-axis rotary and tailstock
Integral shield of machine toolElectric cabinet air conditioner
Handheld pulse generatorDoor opening detection
Machine tool lighting systemChassis chip
Alarm lightPneumatic door
Spindle ring sprayDoor interlock
Disk-type ATC-24TTool setter
Communication interfaceWater gun
Gas reservoir
Air gun

FAQs about DEED CNC Types of VMC Machines

  • What is CNC China vertical machining centers used for?

    Our China CNC vertical machining centers are designed with integrated electromechanical, good appearance, DEED types of VMC machine can perform precision cutting. It can continuously finish the milling, drilling, boring, reaming, countersinking, and tapping. This cnc machining center for sale is suitable for processing the various complex parts of medium, and small-sized box, boards, plates, shells. It is widely used in automobile spare parts, valves, construction machinery, IT equipment, Optical Equipment, medical equipment, and the aerospace industry.

  • What is working principle of CNC China vertical machining centers?

    The 3 axes achieve linear movement by the ball screw rotating driven by the coupling connecting by the servo motor. Four-axis can be optional to make the multi-face processing.

  • How do you install your machining centers and train the operator?

    We can provide online technical support or dispatch our engineer to provide onsite support. We have a subsidiary company in Germany that can also provide technical support.

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