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CNC gantry type machining center refers to the machining center with the axis of the Z-axis of the main shaft perpendicular to the workbench. The overall structure of gantry cnc milling machine is a large gantry type machining center machine with a portal structure frame composed of double columns and top beams, and there is a beam in the middle of the double columns. DEED CNC gantry milling machine is especially suitable for machining large workpieces and workpieces with complex shapes. Inquiry gantry mill for sale!

cnc gantry type machining center

CNC gantry type machining center ADVANTAGES

The gantry type cnc milling machine bed and column fixing parts are made of mineral castings imported from Germany, which have better shock absorption, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, and corrosion resistance.

  • Worktable, sliding seat, and headstock are supported by heavy-duty roller linear rails to ensure high rigidity and reduce the weight of moving parts.

  • The three-coordinate moving parts are supported by heavy-duty roller linear rails, and roller retainers are used to prevent deviation, realize balanced and stable movement, and ensure the accuracy of gantry milling machine tool operation for a long time.

  • The main shaft box adopts a large cross-section ram structure, supported by a heavy-duty roller guide, and the main shaft has a strong horizontal cutting ability, which can realize a full-stroke strong cutting of the Z-axis.

  • The worktable adopts the best fulcrum design to effectively ensure the high rigidity and stability of the gantry milling machine tool. If the x-axis distance is more than 4.5m, it will be equipped with a follow-up support mechanism to improve the positioning accuracy and ensure the service life of the lead screw.

  • The spindle box adopts a large section square ram structure and is supported by four heavy-duty roller guide rails, which has strong resistance to the transverse strong cutting of the spindle and can realize full stroke strong cutting of z-axis; The z-axis movement adopts the balance technology of double oil pressure balance cylinder to eliminate the up and down unbalanced torque caused by self-weight.

WHAT IS A cnc gantry type machining center USED FOR?

  • The CNC gantry type machining center has processing functions such as boring, drilling, milling, grooving, etc.; equipped with a high-precision reversing worktable and right-angle milling top function accessories, it can complete five-sided processing. It is used in metallurgy, power, electric power, and other occupations for steam turbines. Ideal equipment for processing large parts such as generators and heavy machinery.

  • CNC gantry milling is a large category of metal cutting machine tools. The large gantry milling machine is known for its high precision and variety. It is one of the necessary cnc machining equipment for professional precision machining in power, machinery, transportation, metallurgy, aerospace, and military industry. 

WORKING PRINCIPLE OF cnc gantry type machining center

  • When the large gantry mill machining center is working, the workpiece is mounted on the worktable or the indexing head and other accessories.

  • The rotation of the milling cutter is the main movement, supplemented by the feed movement of the table or the milling head, and the workpiece can obtain the required machining surface. Due to the multi-tool intermittent cutting, the productivity of the milling machine is high. A machine tool for milling a workpiece with a milling cutter. 

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