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Classification and Operation Procedures of Gantry Machining Centers

Classification of gantry machining centers:

Machining centers include vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, compound machining centers, etc. For example, the gantry machining center series has fixed-beam type (horizontal beam fixed, worktable movable/rotatable), moving-beam type (horizontal beam moves up and down, worktable moves back and forth), moving-column type (worktable fixed, gantry moves), and overhead crane type (worktable fixed, horizontal beam moves), as well as various compound forms of gantry machining centers.

The characteristics, capabilities, and product processing purposes of these machining centers are not exactly the same. Compound type series of cnc gantry type machining center are mainly used in industries such as large-scale molds, precision mechanical parts, aerospace parts, large electronic product processing, etc., to comprehensively meet the numerical control processing of various basic components, sheet materials, shell parts, molds, and other multi-variety precision parts.

Correct operating procedures for gantry machining centers:

  • The operator should be familiar with and master the performance and characteristics of the gantry machining center. Ensure that the emergency stop switch can quickly and effectively play a role in emergency situations to avoid accidents.

  • Wear labor protection articles in accordance with regulations, and gloves are strictly prohibited when operating.

  • When the cnc gantry mill machining center is working, do not touch the electronic switch with wet hands to avoid electric shock. Do not touch any moving parts with your hands.

  • Tools or non-processing workpieces should not be placed on the gantry machining center or moving objects.

  • The computer table or work table next to the machine must be sturdy and not placed on moving objects.

  • When working on the workpiece, stop the machine first and pay attention to maintaining a proper distance between the workpiece and the tool. Do not open the front door and left and right covers arbitrarily while the machine is running to avoid injuries.

  • After setting the tool, first run a DRY RUN to ensure that the program is correct and error-free.

  • When the power is disconnected or emergency stop is activated, the three axes should be restored to the mechanical origin position when shutting down.

  • Do not disassemble any related parts of the travel switch or any protection switch without authorization.

  • When the gantry machining center finishes its work and the operator leaves the machine, the control power switch on the operation panel and the electrical box should be turned off.

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