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How to Maintain Common Components of Vertical Machining Centers?

As a highly automated processing equipment, China CNC vertical machining center may have various malfunctions due to long-term use or misoperation, so we need to do daily maintenance work.

Servo motor and spindle motor parts of the vertical machining center

The servo motor and control system are the power source and key part of precision control of the machine tool. We need to focus on checking noise and temperature rise. If there is excessive noise or temperature rise, we should identify whether it is a mechanical problem such as bearings or a parameter setting problem of the amplifier that matches it, and take corresponding measures to solve it.

If there is abnormal noise in the servo axis during operation, it may be caused by mechanical noise such as screw, coupling, and non-coaxiality with the servo motor. We can disconnect the vertical machining center motor from the coupling and run the motor separately. If the motor still produces noise, then we need to adjust the speed loop gain and position loop gain appropriately to make the motor silent. If there is no noise, it is judged that there is a problem with the coaxiality of the screw and coupling, and the coaxiality needs to be recalibrated before connecting with the motor. Generally, the problem can be eliminated.  Deed CNC offers different vertical machining center for custom solutions, we have VMC vertical machining center and CNC vertical turning lathe machine, and 5 axis CNC vertical machining center.

Measuring feedback components of the vertical machining center

The measuring feedback components include encoders, grating rulers, etc. We need to check whether the connections of each component are loose and whether they are contaminated by oil or dust. Dust and small iron chips may damage these components.

Electrical control part of the vertical machining center

We need to frequently check whether the external three-phase power supply voltage connected to the machine tool is normal; whether the electrical component connections are good; whether various switches are effective by diagnosing the CRT display screen; whether various relays and contactors work properly and whether the contact points are good; whether protective components such as thermal relays and arc suppressors are effective; whether the internal components of the electrical cabinet of the vertical machining center are excessively hot.

If the contact points of the contactors are not connected well, we can disassemble the contactors, file off the high-temperature oxides on the surface of the contact points with a small file, then wipe off the debris with degreasing cotton and alcohol, reassemble, and use a multimeter to test the conductivity of the contact points.

Control part of the CNC system of the vertical machining center

The control system includes CNC unit, power module, I/O interface, servo amplifier, spindle amplifier, operation panel, display, etc.

In maintenance, we mainly check whether the relevant voltage values are within the specified range; whether the electrical component connections are loose; whether the fans of various functional modules operate normally, and remove the dust on the fans and dust nets.