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Debugging Method for Vertical Machining Center

Vertical machining centers may experience a decrease in efficiency after a period of use, which requires us to debug them. Here are the methods:

  • Oil the lubrication points of the vertical machining center, fill the hydraulic oil tank with the required hydraulic oil, and connect to the air source.

  • Connect the vertical machining center to the power supply, supply power to each component separately or test each component with power once, and then supply power to all components to observe whether there are any alarms. Check whether the manual components are operating normally and whether the safety devices are functioning properly to ensure that all aspects of the machine tool can be operated and moved.

  • Grouting for the vertical machining center. After the vertical machining center runs preliminarily, roughly adjust the geometric accuracy of the machine tool and adjust the relative positions of the main moving parts and the mainframe that have been disassembled and installed. Correct the position of the robot, tool magazine, exchange workbench, position finding, etc. After completing these tasks, quick-drying cement can be used to seal the machine and the anchor bolt of each attachment. The reserved holes of each anchor bolt can be filled flat.

  • Debugging of the vertical machining center. Prepare various testing tools such as precise spirit levels, standard squares, parallel square pipes, etc.

  • Fine-tune the horizontal level of the machine tool to ensure geometric accuracy of the vertical machining center within the allowable error range. Use multi-point bracket support to adjust the bed to a horizontal position in a free state and ensure the stability of the bed after adjustment.

  • Adjust the position of the robot relative to the spindle manually, using an adjustment core rod. When installing a large tool handle, the tool magazine and the main spindle should be automatically exchanged multiple times to achieve accuracy without collision.

  • Move the workbench of the vertical machining center to the exchange position and adjust the relative position of the pallet station and the exchange workbench to achieve smooth automatic exchange of the workbench. Install a large load on the workbench and exchange multiple times.

  • Check whether the control system and PLC device setting parameters of the China CNC vertical machining center meet the specifications in the random data. Test the execution of major operational functions, safety measures, and commonly used instructions, etc.

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