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How to Quote CNC Milling Machine Processing?

CNC milling machines are very common in production and processing. Due to the development of CNC equipment, the quality and efficiency of production have been improved to some extent, and it is better used in production. Therefore, more and more mechanical processing companies attach great importance to CNC milling machining and widely use it in the field of metal processing. What are the classifications familiar with processing? How is the pricing of CNC milling machining classified?

The processing classification of CNC milling machines

CNC milling machine

  • Simple type CNC milling machine: It is the result of transforming an ordinary milling machine and increasing a simple CNC system. The cost is low, the degree of automation and function are poor, and the accuracy is not high. It can be used for processing parts of flat curve type and flat cavity type.

  • Ordinary CNC milling machine: It works through three-coordinate linkage and has a great potential for processing various complex flat, curved, and shell-type parts.

CNC profiling milling machine

The CNC milling machine China mainly processes various complex cavity molds or workpieces, and has a better processing effect for some workpieces with difficult irregular three-dimensional surfaces and complex boundary formations.

CNC tool milling machine

The CNC tool milling machine is a CNC milling machine formed by transforming the mechanical transmission system of the ordinary tool milling machine and increasing the CNC system. It is mainly used for processing various fixtures, cutting tools, and various complex flat and curved parts.

The pricing of CNC milling machines

The calculation method of the cost of CNC milling machine processing is nothing more than several methods. Hourly calculation is the most commonly used and simplest calculation method in production.

  • Hourly calculation: Generally, the price difference for CNC milling machines is not significant in the market. If the processing is somewhat difficult, the price will also increase.

  • Equipment calculation: The higher the precision and scale of the equipment used, the more expensive the processing cost will be.

  • Processing accuracy: The higher the machining accuracy of the equipment, the more expensive the cost will be, and, accordingly, the higher the processing fee.

  • Machine tool performance: There is a price difference between ordinary CNC milling, high-speed milling, 3+2 CNC milling, and 5 axis milling center.

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In addition to the above specific pricing methods, multiple aspects need to be considered when making a quotation: raw material costs (settled by blanks), heat treatment costs, surface treatment and pre-treatment costs, mechanical processing costs (settling according to the required machining time of the process), outsourced processing costs, auxiliary material costs (including tooling, measuring tools, equipment depreciation, spray sanding, painting, etc.), labor and electricity costs, transportation costs during the processing and production process, product inspection and non-destructive testing, material testing and other expenses, reasonable profits, reasonable allocation of mold costs, reasonable allocation of various management costs, transportation and tax costs.