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Several Questions About the Selection of Horizontal Machining Centers

How to choose a suitable horizontal machining center economically and reasonably is very important. It can be said that the correct selection is the basis for making good use of CNC horizontal machining center, and is the key to making horizontal machining centers maximize their efficiency and benefits. The one-time investment of horizontal machining centers is large, the technology is complicated, and there are many types and specifications. Its price, function and precision are a unity of opposites. Users often have many doubts when purchasing.

1. Should we use a horizontal machining center?

The selection of the type of machining center needs to consider factors such as the processing object, processing technology, processing range and equipment price, and proceed according to the selected part group. If your workpiece has the following characteristics, you should choose a horizontal machining center: to process parts with more than two sides or to process holes and surfaces radially arranged around, such as box and shell parts, etc., you should Choose a horizontal machining center; the position accuracy of the processed parts is high, and a high-precision horizontal machining center should be selected; when the parts need to complete multi-faceted processing in one clamping, you can choose a vertical-horizontal composite five-sided machining center.

Of course, the above points are not absolute. On the one hand, it is because the machining center is developing in the direction of compounding. On the other hand, factors such as production efficiency, processing technology requirements and equipment funds should be considered comprehensively when selecting models, and should be measured by cost performance. The rationality of the selection plan.

2. What precision horizontal machining center do we need to choose?

The accuracy level of machining centers is mainly determined according to the accuracy of key parts of typical parts. Its accuracy mainly includes positioning accuracy, repeat positioning accuracy and circle milling accuracy, especially repeat positioning accuracy, which reflects the positioning stability of the coordinate axis and is a basic indicator to measure whether the axis is stable and reliable.

It is particularly worth noting that a comprehensive analysis must be made when selecting and ordering. You cannot simply look at the accuracy values listed in the product catalog, because the meanings of the values are different due to different standards, different specified values, and different detection methods. Our CNC horizontal machining center include CNC horizontal turning center, horizontal machining center with pallet changer and horizontal boring and milling center.

The allowable positive and negative values (generally plus or minus 0.05) on the unit length listed in publications, samples, and certificates are often unclear, so pay special attention when ordering, and be sure to clarify whether it is IOS (International Organization for Standardization), VDI (German Standard), JIS (Japanese Standard), NMTBA (National Machine Tool Builders Association Standard) or NAS (American Standard) and GB (Chinese Standard), etc., and then analyze the detection calculation methods and detection environments stipulated by various standards conditions, there will be no misunderstanding.

The circle milling accuracy is one of the main indicators for comprehensively evaluating the servo following motion characteristics of the CNC axis and the interpolation function of the CNC system in the horizontal machining center. Regardless of whether typical parts have this need, for possible future needs and better control accuracy, this indicator must be paid attention to.

3. How many horizontal machining centers do we need to choose to meet the production requirements?

When selecting a model, it is necessary to consider the production capacity that the horizontal machining center can achieve, that is, it is required that the selected horizontal machining center can process several typical parts and how many parts can be processed within one year.

In order to obtain these data, it is necessary to estimate the processing man-hours and production cycle time for each certain typical parts.

The general steps are:

First of all, according to the process analysis of the selected typical parts, a process route is initially determined, and the process to be processed on the horizontal machining center is selected in this process route;

Second, according to the current process parameters, estimate the single process time of each process processed on the horizontal machining center;

Third, calculate the total time of the selected parts on the horizontal machining center from the time of each single process, and then calculate the annual output, that is, the production capacity.

If the estimated result does not reach the target value, but the difference is not large, it can be adjusted by modifying the process parameters; if the difference is large, the configuration of increasing the number of horizontal machining centers should be considered.