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New Starting Point, New Leap and New Dream

The scorching sun shines on the fragrance of flowers, and the good news is like flowers blooming fragrance. On the morning of August 27, 2021, TID fine machinery held a ceremony to award the children of employees to enter a higher education institution.

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Then, the leaders of the company extended warm congratulations to the employees' children and parents who stood out in the college entrance examination competition. They hoped that the students would always be grateful, always remember their parents' hardships, sharpen their will, work hard, seize the day, take learning as a responsibility and a spiritual pursuit, seek truth, learn and practice their skills, and strive to become the country, society, and society The people need talents. He also affirmed the positive contributions made by all employees of DEED precision machinery to the company and hoped that employees would continue to carry forward the innovative work spirit of daring to do and work hard, and make a contribution to the deepening reform and promoting the all-round and healthy development of the company.

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