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National Technical Expert Xu Xinwu: Engaged in Machine Tool Assembly for 30 Years

Xu Xinwu is not only the chief technician of our company but also a highly skilled talent introduced by our company from Shaanxi. Xu Xinwu has been engaged in machine tool assembly for more than 30 years. With exquisite technology, he keeps improving, developing, and innovating in his work, and has become a technical expert in precision machine tool assembly and training. It has won more than 30 national, provincial and municipal honorary titles, such as "national labor model", "National May Day Labor Medal", "national technical expert", "provincial chief technician", "Qilu great craftsman", "Shandong May Day Labor Medal" and "Jining industrial skill top talent".

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Practice unique skills

Create advanced production methods

Since joining the machine tool industry in 1991, Xu Xinwu has been engaged in the assembly, production management, and technical services of a variety of application of CNC machine tools. Over the past 30 years, Xu Xinwu has assiduously studied technology and trained a superb skill in machine tool assembly. After less than 10 years in the industry, Xu Xinwu won third place in the "fitter group" by participating in the youth competition of five provincial enterprises in southern Shaanxi.

With superb assembly technology, Xu Xinwu has successively led and completed the assembly of dozens of high-precision machine tools, such as horizontal boring machine, CNC boring and milling machine, planer boring and milling machine, large floor boring, vertical machining center, horizontal machining center, gantry machining center and so on. At the same time, Xu Xinwu has also practiced "unique skills" such as precision high-speed spindle "temperature difference method" assembly, automatic tool changer CNC milling machine, large boring and milling machine spindle "torque method" assembly, CNC turntable "precision method" assembly, CNC machine tool shafting positioning accuracy adjustment, spindle box noise control and so on, becoming a technical expert in precision machine tool assembly.

In addition, in order to improve production efficiency, Xu Xinwu also focused on creating three advanced production and operation methods. The first is the "wolf battle assembly method", that is, from a single person and single machine assembly to grouping and sequential and streamlined wolf battle assembly method, which implements the practice of taking the first wolf (teacher Fu) to lead the new people, division of labor and collaborative operation, changes the traditional assembly disadvantages of one person from beginning to end, and promotes the company's output in that year from 40 units per month to 100 units, realizing more than doubling, reaching 150 units per month in three consecutive months at the peak. The second is the "modular assembly method", which uses the internal Internet to screen qualified basic parts to the customer's site, install them in place on the machine tool foundation at one time, pack and send the remaining parts to the user for connection and assembly, complete the production of the whole machine, shorten the whole production cycle by more than 2 / 3 and improve the production efficiency by more than 30%. The third is the "data assembly method", which collects assembly and processing data, analyzes and compares them, feeds them back to the workshop for correction, and improves the product quality by 30%. It also saves 50% of the production cycle for later assembly. The three operation methods have saved nearly 100 million yuan of manufacturing costs for the company.

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Dare to challenge

Tackling complex project challenges

Every time Xu Xinwu receives the assembly drawings, he will study them carefully, think about several ideas and choose better methods. Asked why, Xu Xinwu said: "Only in this way can we make overall arrangements for the workflow and assembly process, save time, ensure efficiency and improve accuracy." It is this craftsman spirit that makes Xu Xinwu solve many problems in practical work by using new processes, new tools, and new ideas.

Xu Xinwu participated in the production of more than 40 tooling production and restructuring projects such as boring and milling machine spindle box commissioning observation cover, high-pressure disc spring compressor, gearbox test bench, and bearing washer, put forward more than 60 rationalization suggestions, carried out more than 50 key technical breakthroughs, and guided technicians to apply for 15 national patents for assembly and processing technology, including 4 invention and 11 utility model patents. Over the years, the number of machine tools Xu Xinwu participated in and guided the assembly has not only been among the top of the company but also the one-time inspection pass rate of machine tools all year round is more than 99%.

In 2018, the company implemented comprehensive transformation and upgrading and planned to repair and transform key imported equipment. Due to the difficulty of maintenance, the company plans to send all the equipment to Germany for maintenance. However, the maintenance cost is too high after a comprehensive evaluation. At this time, Xu Xinwu accepted the challenge and took the initiative to undertake the task of maintenance and transformation. Xu Xinwu gave full play to his excellent assembly skills for more than 30 years, overhauled and transformed the dixi75 optical coordinate boring machine made in Switzerland and the cangfu boring and milling machine made in Japan in 1969, so that the accuracy of the machine tool was smoothly restored to the original and maintained at the accuracy of 2-4 microns. At present, the machine tool has been put into production, which effectively ensures the processing of key parts of the company and saves about 5 million yuan of foreign maintenance costs for the company.

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Inheritance of ingenuity

Training high skilled talents

While doing a good job in tackling key projects, we should also do a good job in talent training. In order to train more highly skilled talents for enterprises, Xu Xinwu skill master studio came into being. Xu Xinwu led the team members to give full play to the role of "preaching, helping and leading", carried out the activities of famous teachers and apprentices, devoted himself to educating talents, and unreservedly taught the assembly experience and technical skills accumulated for many years to the assemblers, with about 50 apprentices before and after. Among the 50 people trained by Xu Xinwu skill master studio, 30 became senior workers and 12 became technicians and senior technicians.

From 2015 to 2021, Xu Xinwu combined with the actual situation of the company and the characteristics of young and inexperienced assembly personnel used the off-duty time to provide skill training for front-line assembly personnel nearly 100 times, solved difficult problems in new product trial production, and assembly for many times, greatly improved the product quality, performance, and assembly efficiency of the company, and made outstanding contributions to the increase of production and efficiency of the company.

In 2017, in order to attract more skilled talents, our company cooperated with Jining technician college to set up orientation classes. Xu Xinwu was entrusted to settle in the college and brought out four orientation classes for the company before and after using his professional knowledge and assembly skills. In 2019, Xu Xinwu undertook the training task of the company's New Apprenticeship and was employed by Jining Institute of industrial technicians as the "mentor of Enterprise New Apprenticeship in Yanzhou District, Jining City". So far, nearly 80 senior workers have been trained, which has promoted the high-quality and rapid development of our company and demonstrated the style of the era of industrial workers.