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Classification and Main Machining Objects of CNC Milling Machines

Classification of CNC Milling Machines

CNC milling machines can be divided into the following three categories according to the classification method of general milling machines:

CNC vertical milling machine

The spindle axis of the CNC vertical milling center is perpendicular to the horizontal plane. This type of milling machine accounts for the majority of CNC milling machines and has the widest range of applications. Currently, three-axis CNC vertical milling machines are the majority of CNC milling machines, which can generally perform three-axis linkage machining.

Horizontal CNC milling machine

The spindle axis of the horizontal CNC milling machine is parallel to the horizontal plane. To expand the processing range and functions, the horizontal boring and milling center usually adopts a numerical control rotary table or a universal numerical control rotary table to realize four-axis and five-axis linkage machining.

This can not only process the continuous rotating contour of the side of the workpiece, but also change the processing position or station of the part through the turntable in one clamping, and perform machining on multiple positions or working surfaces.

Vertical and horizontal convertible milling machine

The spindle of this type of milling machine can be converted, and can perform vertical and horizontal machining on the same CNC milling machine, with the functions of vertical and horizontal milling machines.

Main Objects of CNC Milling Machines

Flat parts

The characteristic of flat parts is that the machining surface can be parallel to the horizontal plane, perpendicular to the horizontal plane, or at a fixed angle with the horizontal plane. Currently, the vast majority of parts processed on CNC milling machines belong to flat parts, which are the simplest type of parts in CNC milling machine China and generally only require two-axis or three-axis linkage of three-coordinate CNC milling machines.

In the machining process, the machining surface comes into contact with the CNC tool. Rough and precision machining can use a vertical milling cutter or a ball-nose cutter.

Curved surface parts

The characteristic of curved surface parts is that the machining surface is a spatial curved surface, and the machining surface and the milling cutter are always in point contact during the machining process. Surface precision machining mostly uses ball-end mills.

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