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What Aspects Should Be Considered When Selecting a Precision Horizontal Machining Center?

It is very important to choose a precision horizontal machining center that is both economical and reasonable for your enterprise. It can be said that correct selection is the foundation of using a precision horizontal machining center well, and is the key to making the horizontal machining center efficient and beneficial.

CNC Horizontal machining center has a high one-time investment and are technologically complex. At the same time, there are a wide variety of types and specifications, and their prices, functions, and precision are a unified whole with opposite characteristics. Users often have many questions when purchasing.

What needs to be considered when selecting a precision horizontal machining center?

The selection of precision horizontal machining center types needs to consider factors such as the processing object, processing technology, processing range, and equipment price, based on the selected parts assembly.

If your workpiece has the following characteristics, you should choose a horizontal machining center: if you need to process parts on two or more sides, or process holes or surfaces that are radially arranged around the edges, such as box or shell-type parts, a horizontal machining center should be selected. If the position accuracy requirement of the processed part is high, a high-precision horizontal machining center should be used. When multiple surface processing needs to be completed in one clamping of parts, a vertical-horizontal compound five-axis machining center can be selected.

Of course, the above points are not absolute. On the one hand, since machining centers are developing towards compound direction, on the other hand, when selecting types, factors such as production efficiency, processing technology requirements, and equipment funds need to be comprehensively considered, and the rationality of the selection plan should be measured by cost-effectiveness.

What needs to be fully understood when selecting a precision horizontal machining center?

In order to select a good horizontal machining center, one must have a comprehensive and detailed understanding and grasp of its type, characteristics, performance, main specifications, functions, applicability, shortcomings, etc. Based on a thorough analysis, choose a reasonable, high-cost-effective solution according to specific conditions such as the processing object, process requirements, and capital conditions to meet the dual requirements of high efficiency and low cost for your enterprise.

CNC horizontal machining center include horizontal boring and milling center, CNC horizontal turning center and horizontal machining center with pallet changer.

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