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The Final of Safety Production Knowledge Competition of DEED Fine Machinery 2021 Came to a Successful Conclusion

In June this year, the twentieth national "safe production month" was put into effect. In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the important discussion of general secretary Xi Jinping on emergency management and product safety, we implemented the related work plan of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the municipal Party committee and municipal government, the District Committee and the district government, and implemented the three-year action to promote the national special production safety regulation. On the afternoon of June 27, 2021, TID fine machinery organized all employees to carry out a question answering competition on safety production knowledge. Integrate knowledge and education to lay a foundation for safe production.

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After the fierce competition in the preliminary competition, six teams came to the fore and successfully advanced to the final. The final set up three competition links: Rush answer questions, audience interaction questions, and risk questions. The contents of the questions covered safety laws and regulations, relevant operation specifications, and accident emergency treatment. During the activity, the contestants were energetic, active, and active, showing excellent psychological quality, agile thinking, and good teamwork ability. At the same time, the audience was also enthusiastic and actively participated in the audience interaction.

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After fierce competition, the sheet metal team, the second-line team, and the casting team won the first, second, and third prizes respectively, and the leaders of the company presented awards to the teams entering the finals.

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Through the safety knowledge competition, we publicized the safety production knowledge, laws, and regulations, improved the safety production awareness of all employees, firmly established the concept of safety development, created a strong safety culture atmosphere, promoted the normalization of safety production effect, and laid a solid foundation for the stability of the safety production situation of tid precision machinery.