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There Are Many Optional Accessories for Horizontal Machining Centers, How Should We Choose Them?

1. The number of coordinate axes and linkage axes of the horizontal machining center

Both the number of coordinate axes and the number of linkage axes should meet the processing requirements of typical parts. In general, for CNC horizontal machining center of the same manufacturer, same specification, and same precision, adding a standard coordinate axis increases the price by about 30% to 50%. Although increasing the number of coordinate axes can strengthen the function of the machining center, which is one of the signs of the grade of the machine tool, it still has to be decided on a balance between process requirements and capital conditions.

2. Workbench of horizontal machining center

The horizontal machining center can be configured with a rotary table for indexing and a CNC rotary table. The latter can achieve arbitrary indexing and be used as a B-axis for linkage control with other axes. Whether the rotary table is configured or not and how to configure it must be determined according to actual needs, for the purpose of economy and practicality.

3. Automatic tool changer (ATC) of horizontal machining center

The choice of ATC mainly considers the tool change time and reliability. Excessive emphasis on tool change time will greatly increase the price of the machining center and increase the failure rate.

According to statistics, about 50% of the failures of machining centers are related to ATC. Therefore, under the premise of meeting the requirements of use, try to choose ATC with high reliability to reduce the failure rate and the cost of the whole machine.

4. Necessary accessories and accessories for horizontal machining centers

When selecting a model, you should also pay attention to the selection of some accessories and accessories, and try to avoid affecting the normal operation of the horizontal machining center due to the lack of an accessory that can be purchased for tens of thousands of yuan. Careful selection of tool holders and cutting tools is also the key to ensuring the normal operation of the horizontal machining center. The best selection method should be determined according to the variety and quantity required for typical parts, and added during use.

In the composition of horizontal machining centers, chip removal devices, protective devices and tool setting devices (such as tool presetters) are all necessary. It is very convenient, and should be selected as much as possible, such as accessory milling head, tool storage rack, tool transport vehicle, loader and unloader, etc.

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