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Six Points to Consider When Clamping a CNC Turning Lathe Machine

CNC turning lathe machine process is similar to that of ordinary lathe, but due to the fact that CNC turning lathe machine is clamped once and automatically completes all turning processes, the following aspects from Deed CNC turning lathe manufacturer should be noted:

Reasonable selection of cutting amount for CNC turning lathe machine

The selection of cutting amount (ap, f, v) is important for fully tapping the potential of the machine tool and tool cutting performance, achieving high quality, high production, low cost and safe operation.

When rough turning, first consider choosing a as large as possible feed-in depth (ap), then choose a larger feed rate (f), and finally determine a suitable cutting speed (v). Increasing the feed-in depth (ap) can reduce the number of cutting passes, and increasing the feed rate (f) is beneficial for chip breaking. Therefore, selecting the cutting amount for rough turning according to the above principles is beneficial for improving production efficiency, reducing tool consumption, and reducing processing costs.

When fine turning, the requirements for machining accuracy and surface roughness are relatively high, and the processing allowance is not large and relatively uniform. Therefore, when selecting the cutting amount for fine turning, more attention should be focused on ensuring the machining quality and improving the production efficiency based on this. Therefore, when fine turning, a smaller (but not too small) feed-in depth (ap) and feed rate (f) should be selected, and high cutting performance tool materials and reasonable geometric parameters should be selected to increase the cutting speed as much as possible.

Reasonable selection of tools for CNC turning lathe machine

  • When rough turning, tools with high strength and durability should be selected to meet the requirements of large feed-in depth and feed rate.

  • When fine turning, tools with high accuracy and durability should be selected to ensure machining accuracy.

  • Machine clamping tools and tool holders should be used as much as possible in order to reduce tool change time and facilitate tool alignment.

Reasonable selection of fixtures for CNC turning lathe machine

  • General fixtures should be used as much as possible to avoid using special fixtures;

  • The positioning reference points of the parts should coincide to reduce positioning errors.

Determination of machining route for CNC turning lathe machine

The machining route refers to the relative movement trajectory and direction of the tool relative to the part during the numerical control machine tool machining process:

  • Among vertical turning lathe machine, CNC horizontal turning center and turning centre lathe, It should be able to ensure the requirements of machining accuracy and surface roughness;

  • The machining route should be shortened as much as possible to reduce tool idle travel time.

The relationship between the machining route and machining allowance of CNC turning lathe machine

Currently, when CNC turning lathe machines have not yet become ubiquitous, excessive allowances on billets, especially those with forging or casting hard skins, should be processed on ordinary lathes. If CNC turning lathe machines must be used for processing, program flexibility should be considered.

Key points for installation of fixtures on CNC turning lathe machines

Currently, the connection between hydraulic chucks and hydraulic clamping cylinders is achieved by pull rods. The key points for clamping of hydraulic chucks are as follows: first, use a wrench to remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder, remove the pull rod, and pull it out from the back end of the spindle. Then use a wrench to remove the fixing screw of the chuck and then remove the chuck.