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General Functions of CNC Milling Machine

Control point function of CNC milling machine

With this function, CNC milling machine China can perform hole drilling, reaming, tapping and other processes that only require point control.

Continuous contour control function of CNC milling machine

CNC milling machines can achieve continuous contour control of tool movement trajectory by linear and circular interpolation, and can process planar contour workpieces composed of linear and circular geometric elements. For planar contours composed of non-circular curves, they can also be machined after the approximation of lines or arcs. In addition, it can also process some spatial surfaces.

Automatic tool radius compensation function of CNC milling machine

With this function, the actual contour shape and size of the workpiece can be conveniently programmed and calculated during programming, and the center of the tool can be automatically deviated from the contour of the workpiece by a tool radius during machining, to produce a contour surface that meets the requirements.

This function can also be used to compensate for the size accuracy errors of milling cutters during manufacture, repair, and sharpening by changing the tool radius and compensation value, and to expand the range of tool diameters used and the allowable error of tool repair and grinding. It can also improve machining accuracy by using the method of changing the tool radius compensation value to achieve layered milling and rough and fine machining with the same machining program.

In addition, by changing the sign of the tool radius compensation value, the same machining program can be used to process some workpieces that need to be matched with each other.

Tool length compensation function of CNC milling machine

Using this function can automatically change the cutting plane height, reduce the precision requirements for tool length dimensions during manufacturing and repair, and compensate for axial tool positioning errors.

Mirror processing function of CNC milling machine

Mirror processing, also known as axisymmetric processing. For an axisymmetric shaped workpiece, with this function, only half of the machining program of the shape needs to be programmed to complete the entire machining.

Fixed cycle function of CNC milling machine

A special program can be designed to call for processing cycles when needed, especially when processing many holes. The application of fixed cycle function can greatly simplify the program.

Special functions of CNC milling machine

Some CNC milling machines, equipped with computer-aided shaping processing devices, can choose one of two control modes, CNC or template, to conduct processing, thereby expanding the scope of machine tool applications. Deed Machine has the following CNC milling machines at competitive bulk prices, planer type milling machine and gantry mill for sale.

CNC milling machines with adaptive functions can sense changes in cutting conditions (such as cutting force, temperature, etc.) during machining and control the machine tool to change the cutting amount in a timely manner through the adaptive control system to keep the milling machine and tool at their best states, thereby achieving higher cutting efficiency and machining quality, and extending the service life of the cutting tool.

After deploying a data collection system, CNC milling machines have data collection functions. Currently, systems have emerged that can both scan and collect data from physical objects and automatically process the collected data to generate CNC machining programs. These provide effective means for integrating design and manufacturing.