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Introduction of Six Key Features of the CNC Turning Lathe Machine

The machining precision of CNC turning lathe machine is high

CNC turning lathe machines use digital instructions to control the machining process. Currently, the pulse equivalence on CNC turning lathe machines in Deed Machine CNC turning lathe manufacturer commonly reaches 0.001, and the backlash of the feed transmission chain and the screw pitch error can be compensated by the CNC device. Therefore, CNC turning lathe machines can achieve high machining precision. For medium and small CNC turning lathe machines, the positioning accuracy generally reaches 0.03, and the repetition positioning accuracy is 0.01. Deed CNC manufacturer turning centre lathe, CNC horizontal turning center,  and CNC vertical turning lathe machine, inquiry for more informations.

CNC turning lathe machine is highly adaptable to the workpieces being machined

When changing the machined parts on a CNC turning lathe machine, it is only necessary to reprogram and input a new program to realize the machining of a new part, which provides great convenience for the production of complex-structured single pieces, small batch production, and trial production of new products.

CNC turning lathe machines can also automatically machine precise and complex parts that are difficult or impossible for ordinary manually operated machine tools to process.

CNC turning lathe machine has a high degree of automation and low labor intensity

The machining of parts is automatically completed according to the pre-programmed instructions, and the operator only needs to perform simple tasks such as placing punch tapes or operating the keyboard, loading and unloading workpieces, conducting intermediate checks on key processes, and observing the operation of the lathe. There is no need for complex repetitive manual operations.

CNC turning lathe machines generally have good safety protection, automatic chip removal, automatic cooling and automatic lubrication devices, which greatly improve the working conditions of operators.

CNC turning lathe machine has high production efficiency

The spindle speed and feed rate of CNC turning lathe machines have a large range of variation, so advantageous cutting amounts can be used in each process. CNC turning lathe machines have good structural rigidity and allow for strong cutting with large amounts, which improves cutting efficiency and saves maneuvering time.

Because the moving parts of CNC turning lathe machines have high-speed idle strokes, the clamping time and auxiliary time of the workpiece are less than those of conventional machine tools.

CNC turning lathe machine is convenient for replacing machined parts

When the workpiece being machined is changed on a CNC turning lathe machine, the lathe almost does not need to be readjusted, which saves installation and adjustment time. CNC turning lathe machines have stable machining quality and generally only do initial inspections and sampling inspections of key dimensions between processes, saving downtime inspection time. When machining is performed on a machining center, a lathe can perform continuous machining of multiple processes, and the increase in production efficiency is even more significant.

CNC turning lathe machine has good economic benefits

  • Using CNC turning lathe machines for machining can save time and cost for line drawing, adjustment, machining, and inspection, and save direct production costs.

  • Generally, special fixtures do not need to be made for machining parts, which saves process and equipment costs.

  • CNC machining has stable precision, reducing the scrap rate and further reducing production costs.

  • CNC turning lathe machines can be used for multiple purposes, saving factory space and construction investment.