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First Aid Knowledge Training of Deed Precision Machinery Safety Production Month Activities

-Implement safety responsibility and promote safety development-

-June · safety production month

Safety is an attitude. It's also a responsibility. Safety is no small matter.

Everyone should stick to the "bottom line" of safety, the alarm bell often rings in my heart!

This June is the twentieth "safe production month" in the country. In order to thoroughly implement the important discussion of general secretary Xi Jinping's work on safety production and implement the major decisions and arrangements of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council on safety production work, we will carry out solid work in the three-year action plan for special rectification of production safety in China, and comprehensively promote the safe production of the group to implement safety responsibilities. Promote the activity theme of "safe development", carry out the special activity of "safe production month", promote the continuous and stable improvement of the level and form of safe production, and continuously enhance the sense of gain, happiness, and security of the employees of the enterprise. Our company specially invited Jiang Hailong, a safety training lecturer, and Feng Ning, an expert from mine hospital, to participate in this activity to train you on relevant safety first aid knowledge

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This training is mainly divided into two parts: emergency rescue drill and first aid knowledge training. Training lecturer Jiang Hailong started the training from a professional perspective, combined with the professional characteristics of employees, explained in detail how to correctly operate in the face of crane accidents, avoid secondary injury, and correct the wrong methods and wrong bandaging methods of employees in treating colleagues on site, As well as the methods and steps of first-aid measures such as trauma hemostasis, dressing fractures, and fractures. During the explanation, everyone actively asked questions, and the atmosphere was very active.

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Subsequently, Feng Ning, an expert from the mine hospital, conducted practical training on first aid knowledge at the workshop site and explained the key points and precautions for emergency treatment of common injuries caused by a non-standard operation to the company's employees. Through the on-site practice drill, employees can more clearly grasp the first-aid knowledge such as wound hemostasis and bandage, emergency treatment of scald, and some treatment measures to deal with possible accidents. Combined with practical cases, the treatment methods of cardiopulmonary resuscitation and trauma bandage were explained through on-site demonstration and guidance.

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Produce according to regulations, act according to regulations and operate according to specifications, so as not to hurt others, yourself, others, and protect others from injury.