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Daily Maintenance of Vertical Machining Center

Every vertical machining center will inevitably experience certain components being damaged or malfunctioning after running for a certain amount of time. In order to reduce abnormal wear and tear on the machine, extend the lifespan of components as much as possible, and effectively avoid sudden failures, especially catastrophic accidents, daily maintenance of the vertical machining center is necessary to keep the equipment in good working condition, slow down the aging process, and timely detect and eliminate hidden faults, thereby ensuring safe operation. Safe operation and maintenance of the vertical machining center are among the key factors to correctly using numerical control devices. Deed CNC offers different vertical machining center for custom solutions, we have VMC vertical machining center and 5 axis CNC vertical machining center, CNC vertical turning lathe machine.

  • To improve the lifespan of numerical control devices, it is generally necessary to avoid direct sunlight and other heat radiation, as well as moist environments, excessive dust, and corrosive gases in the operating environment. Precise numerical control equipment should also be kept away from equipment that generates significant vibrations, such as punching and forging devices.

  • An adequate power supply is necessary for the proper operation of a vertical machining center. To avoid large fluctuations in power supply (greater than ±10%) and possible momentary interference signals, numerical control devices generally require a dedicated power line (such as a separate power supply line from the low-voltage distribution room) and the installation of voltage stabilizing devices, which can reduce the impact of power quality and electrical interference.

  • Effective operating procedures should be developed for the vertical machining center. A series of practical and effective operating procedures should be established for the use and management of numerical control devices, such as lubrication, maintenance, reasonable use, and standardized handover systems. Developing and adhering to operating procedures is one of the important measures to ensure the safe operation of numerical control devices. Practice has shown that most faults can be reduced or avoided by adhering to operating procedures.

  • A vertical machining center should not be stored for an extended period. After purchasing a China CNC vertical machining center, it should be used promptly, especially during the first year of use, as the vulnerable components are more likely to be exposed and can be repaired within the manufacturer's warranty period. During operation, try to minimize the opening and closing of the spindle, which can reduce wear and tear on components such as clutches and gears.

  • If there are no machining tasks for a long time, the numerical control device should be powered on regularly, preferably once or twice a week, and run empty for about an hour each time. This can utilize the heat generated by the machine itself to reduce humidity inside the machine and avoid damage to electronic components due to moisture. It can also help detect low battery alarms in a timely manner, preventing the loss of system settings parameters.

  • Strict adherence to operating procedures and daily maintenance regulations for the vertical machining center. The operator of the vertical machining center must strictly follow operating procedures and daily maintenance regulations. The operator's technical level and quality are important factors that affect the frequency of equipment failures. When the machine fails, the operator should be careful to preserve the scene and truthfully explain the situation when the failure occurred to the repair personnel, in order to facilitate the analysis and diagnosis of the cause of the failure, and to enable timely elimination.