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CNC Machining Center Cases of Processed Parts

2.1 description of processed parts:

Part name: front suspension left / right upper bracket (5001059 / 60-c6100) part material: gzd410-700:

Hardness: hb160-200;

All parts are processed in pairs, and the details are as follows: 4 machining centers.

Sequence 10: position the blank face in three directions, process face a, change the angle head face milling cutter to mill face B, and change the cutter to drill face a 4- ψ 15 holes, tool change hole chamfering.

Sequence 20: locate the machined surface and hole (two pins - surface), process the two vertical surfaces of the boss, and change the tool to drill 2 holes- φ 15. Tool change milling 15 * 13 waist hole, tool change drilling 2-m14 threaded bottom hole, tool change drilling 2-m8 threaded bottom hole, chamfering of all holes, tool change tapping 2-m14 and 2-m8:

Vertical Machine

Vertical Machining Center Price