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The Difference Between Vertical Machining Center and Horizontal Machining Center

The difference between a vertical machining center and a CNC horizontal machining center, a vertical machining center refers to a machining center with a vertical spindle. Most of its structures are fixed columns, the worktable is rectangular, and the non-basin also has a rotating function, which is suitable for processing plates, bushings, and plate parts.

Milling is a method of removing material by cutting metal with high-speed rotating tools. A horizontal machining center is a machine tool that can perform milling operations by developing a mechanism that lays out the spindle horizontally. The horizontal placement of the spindle allows the tool to move back and forth along the side of the workpiece, enabling efficient chip evacuation. The horizontal machining center is also equipped with a double exchange table that allows automatic operation and shortens the machining cycle of the workpiece.

The vertical machining center is a machining center with a vertical spindle. Most of the structure is a fixed column. The worktable is rectangular and has no swing function. It is suitable for processing discs, sleeves, and plate parts. Generally, there are three linear axes of motion, and the oscillating table can be rotated along the horizontal axis to machine helical parts.

The China CNC vertical machining center is easy to install the card, easy to operate, easy to observe the situation of the processing enterprise, easy to debug the program, and is widely used. However, due to the height of the column and the tool exchange device, parts with too high processing cost cannot pass through, and when machining hollow or concave surfaces, the chips are not easily discharged, and when serious problems occur, damage to the tool and the tool may occur, destroying the surface of the machined material, affecting The smooth development of enterprise processing.

A horizontal machining technology center refers to a machining center in which the spindle is in a horizontal development state, usually with an automatic index rotation table (usually including 3 to 5 moving time coordinates). Typically, rotatable movement space coordinates are added by adding three lateral linear motions as coordinates. After the workpiece is installed with the card at one time, the processing of the four main surfaces is completed except the installation surface and the top surface. Better to add box parts. Compared with the vertical machining center, the horizontal machining center is easy to remove debris, which is helpful for processing, but the structure is complicated and the price is relatively high.

Machining technology center function: a multi-functional CNC machine tool with highly developed automation functions of tool library and automatic tool changer.

So should we choose a vertical machining center or a horizontal machining center? Deed CNC offers different vertical machining center for custom solutions, we have 5 axis CNC vertical machining center and VMC vertical machining center, CNC vertical turning lathe machine.

Depends on the object-oriented task. Due to the height limitations of the columns and tool changers, VMC jobs cannot handle cost-prohibitive parts. The volume change of the workpiece after processing is relatively small. To perform lateral machining of the workpiece, an angle head or a CNC turntable must be installed. The horizontal fixture completes four surfaces except for the mounting surface and the top surface. Most suitable for machining box parts, you can add an angle head for pentahedron machining.