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Precautions for CNC Machining Center Processing Process

  • CNC machining centre in the workpiece top surface margin is too large, with a large knife manual gong to the margin, remember not to gong deep.

  • The most important thing in CNC processing center processing is the first cut. If you operate carefully and check carefully, you can know whether the tool length compensation, tool diameter compensation, program, speed, etc. are correct, and avoid damaging the workpiece, tool and machine tool.

1) The first point height is the highest elevation 100mm, and it is felt with the eye whether it is correct;

2) Control the "rapid movement" to 25% and the feed rate to 0%;

3) When the tool is about to approach (about 10mm) the machining surface, pause the machine;

4) Check whether the remaining stroke and program are correct;

5) After starting the machine again, put one hand on the pause switch, ready to stop the machine at any time, and control the feed rate with the other hand;

6) When the tool is very close to the workpiece surface, it can be stopped again, and the remaining stroke of the Z-axis must be checked;

7) When the cutting line is stable after cutting, adjust all controls back to normal.

  • After inputting the program name of the CNC processing center, use a pen to copy the program name on the screen and check it with the program list. When opening the program, pay attention to whether the tool diameter size in the program is consistent with the program list, and fill in the archive name and tool diameter size on the program list.

  • In principle, NC technicians of CNC processing centers must not leave when roughing the workpiece. If they must leave due to changing tools or assisting in calibrating other machine tools, other NC team members must be asked or they must come back regularly to check;

  • When CNC processing center is doing mid-lighting, NC technicians should pay special attention to the unopened area during roughing to prevent the tool from colliding with this area;

  • If the program is interrupted during machining, it takes too much time to start over from the beginning. Notify the team leader and programmer to modify the program and cut off the part already processed;

  • If the program of the CNC processing center has abnormal conditions and there is no certainty, it can be lifted up to observe the process and then decide the next action;

  • During the processing of the CNC processing center, the programmer provides line speed and speed, and NC technicians can adjust it according to the situation;

  • During the workpiece processing of the CNC processing center, NC technicians should check with the assembly chart to see if there are any abnormal situations. Once they find that the two do not match, they must immediately stop the machine and notify the team leader to check if there are any errors.

  • When using a tool longer than 200mm to process with the CNC processing center, attention must be paid to issues such as allowance, depth of cut, speed, and line speed, in order to avoid oscillations. The line speed of the corner position should also be controlled;

  • For the CNC machining centre programming sheet that requires the detection of the tool diameter, the operator must be responsible and record the tested diameter. If it exceeds the tolerance range, the team leader should be immediately notified or the tool should be changed;

  • When the CNC machining centre is in automatic operation or has space, the operator should go to the workstation to understand the remaining programming situation, prepare and grind suitable tools for the next processing, in order to avoid downtime;

  • The main reason for wasting time in the CNC machining centre is process errors: using inappropriate tools, incorrect processing order, wasting time on unnecessary or non-computerized machining positions, and improper use of processing conditions (too slow speed, empty knife, too dense knife path, too slow feed rate, etc.). When the above events occur, you can contact the programmer, etc.

  • During the processing of the CNC processing center, attention must be paid to the wear of the tool, and the tool particles or tools should be replaced appropriately. After replacing the tool, pay attention to whether the processing of the adjacent boundary is consistent.