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Complete Guide to CNC Turning Lathe Machine Techniques

CNC turning machine is a high-precision and efficient automated machine tool. Using CNC turning machines can improve processing efficiency and create more value. The appearance of CNC turning machines has enabled enterprises to get rid of outdated processing techniques. The process of CNC turning machine processing is similar to the process of common lathes, but because CNC turning machines are clamped once and automatically complete all turning processes continuously, attention should be paid to the following aspects. Deed Machine has the following types,  CNC horizontal turning center, turning centre lathe, and CNC vertical turning lathe machine

Reasonable selection of cutting tools for CNC turning machine processing

  • When rough turning, high-strength and durable cutting tools should be selected to meet the requirements of large-back cutting depth and large-feed volume during rough turning.

  • When precision turning, high-precision and durable cutting tools should be selected to ensure the precision requirements of CNC turning machines.

  • In order to reduce tool changing time and facilitate tool alignment, machine-tool clamps and machine-tool blades should be used as much as possible.

Reasonable selection of fixtures for CNC turning machine processing

  • As much as possible, universal fixtures should be used to clamp the workpiece to avoid using special fixtures;

  • The positioning reference of the parts should be coincident to reduce positioning errors.

Determine the CNC turning machine processing route

The processing route refers to the trajectory and direction of the tool relative to the parts during CNC turning lathe machine tool processing.

  • It should ensure the precision of machining and surface roughness requirements;

  • The processing route should be shortened as much as possible to reduce the tool's idle travel time.

The relationship between CNC turning lathe machine processing route and processing allowance

At present, when CNC turning lathe machine has not yet reached the conditions of popular use, excessive allowances on blank, especially those with forged or cast hardened layers, should be arranged for machining on ordinary lathes. If CNC turning lathe machine must be used for processing, the flexibility of the program should be noted.

Installation details of CNC turning machine processing fixtures

Currently, the connection between hydraulic chucks and hydraulic clamping cylinders is achieved by pull rods. The key points of hydraulic chuck clamping are as follows: first, use a wrench to remove the nut on the hydraulic cylinder, then remove the pull tube and draw it out from the rear end of the spindle, and then use a wrench to remove the fixing screw of the chuck to remove the chuck.

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