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Classification of CNC Machining Centers

Processing centers are usually classified according to the orientation of the spindle in space, including vertical machining centers, horizontal machining centers, gantry machining centers, and universal machining centers. A vertical machining center is one in which the spindle is in a vertical orientation in space, while a horizontal machining center has a spindle that is horizontal in orientation.

Vertical CNC machining center:

Typically features a fixed column structure and a rectangular worktable, making it suitable for machining disc, sleeve, and plate parts. China vertical machining center typically have three linear motion coordinates, XYZ, and can also have a fourth A-axis installed on the worktable.

Vertical machining center is convenient to clamp and operate, provide convenient observation of the machining process and makes program debugging simple, but it is not suitable for machining high parts due to the height of the column and tool change mechanism. Vertical machining center has a simple structure, a small area of occupation, and a lower price.

Horizontal CNC machining center:

This usually features a movable column, with the spindle box located between two columns and moving up and down along rails. The CNC horizontal machining center typically has three linear motion coordinates, with left and right motion being X-axis, front-to-back motion being Z-axis, and up-and-down movement being Y-axis. A fourth A-axis can also be installed on the worktable. It is suitable for machining spiral and cylindrical cam parts and other components.

Program debugging, trial cutting, and part clamping and measurement are inconvenient when using a horizontal machining center. However, machining is easy to streamline. Compared with vertical CNC machining center, horizontal machining center has a more complex structure, occupy more space, and is more expensive.

Gantry CNC machining center:

CNC gantry type machining center usually has a vertical spindle, an ATC system, and a replaceable spindle head attachment. The system software has multiple functions, making it suitable for machining large components.

Universal CNC machining center:

The universal machining center, also known as the five-axis machining center, has the functionality of both vertical and horizontal machining centers. After the workpiece is clamped once, it can complete machining of all the side and top surfaces except for the mounting surface.  Contact Deed CNC 5 axis machining center factory for more informations.

Common universal machining centers include:

  • The main spindle can rotate 90 degrees and can work like a vertical CNC machining center or a horizontal machining center.

  • The spindle remains in the same direction while the worktable rotates by 90 degrees, completing machining of all five sides.

According to the number and functionality of the worktables, universal machining centers can be divided into single-worktable, double-worktable, and multi-worktable machining centers.

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